Friday, June 1, 2018

Summer Fun In The Sun

Hi guys! Today I took a boat ride and ended up in a cool place called Care-A-Lot They have a cool summer fun in the sun event going on! It has a huge arcade,a dance floor on the dock and lots of shopping! This Aloha Watermelon outfit from Little Pickles and panda backpack from Jucie Box (my store) where prefect for my trip!

My Body~Toddleedoo Baby
My Head~Toddleedoo Bento Moon
My Hair~YumYum 57

My Outfit~Little Pickle - Aloha Collection - Watermelon
Comes with~Shorts Shirt(attached) colour change hud for shorts
Fits-Toddleedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid

My Backpack~ {JuiceBox}Panda-Rare

My Location~Care-A-Lot
Surfing,swimming,dancing,shopping,underwater mermaid/man area,raffles,contests,orphanage. Kid friend,Family friendly

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