Thursday, November 8, 2018

Alone time

                      Sometimes the best thing to do is have alone time and litsten to music

                                                      ~The details~

                                My outfit~{SC} Cry Baby Gacha Fixed  #13 
                               Fits~Toddleedoo fitted
                               Find it~The Play room

                               My chair~McKidz Royal Thrones
                              Find it~The Play room

                              My shoes~Rhapsody Urban Couture Pink Timber Boots
                              Fits~Toddleedoo (also has resizers)

                            My headphones~[Vk!] Retro Headphone

                          My kitty~[Tiny Moments]- Storytime Kitty Pack
                          Each kitty's dress can change colours/pattern and each kitty reads a story!
                          Find it~Ivywoods event

                         My drink~ RIFFS [Life2] Moo Juice Strawberry
                         Find it~Ivywoods event

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