Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Hello Butterfly

Today it started raining so I decided to go play in it when I found this cute ltitle butterfly!

                           My outfit~{Lula Belle} Cece Set - BLUSH 
                          Comes with~Shirt,Pants
                          Fits~Toddleedoo fitted,Bad Seed Bebe fitted

                         My sandals~[M] Jess Sandals - Tea Cake 
                         Fits~Bad Seed Bebe Body

                         My tractor~[Killi's] Sit-N-Ride Tractor - Blue 
                         What it does~Holds 2 kids,wearable,rezzable,lights,smoke,sounds
                        Comes in~3 colours-blue,red,yellow
                       Find it~ The Cove

                     My unicorn~*MishMish* Baby Unicorn Companion - Pink 

                    My bears~<:*BoOgErS*:> Cuddle Bears Arcade Gift
                   My pose~p.o.s.e.  fly
                   Comes with~Poseball,rock,butterfly                  Find it~  Thimble~March 20th

                 My nose butterfly~Herston Isles Butterfly Gift

Monday, March 18, 2019

Little bunny

                     I made friends with little bunnys today! they were so cute and snuggly

                                    My outfit~*SM*Senica Easter Dress
                                   Comes with~Dress,Sandals,Colour hud{changes 4 colours}
                                  Fits~Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid,Toddleedoo fitted 
                                 Find it~The Diva List
                               My baskets~*SM*Easter Baskets
                               Comes with~4 colours
                               Find it~The Diva List

                             My pose~p.o.s.e. bunny kiss
                            Comes with~Pose ball and 3 bunnyies(bunnies are attached  but mod)
                           Find it~Thimble Event opens the 20th 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Almost Easter

                 It's almost Easter and that means it's almost chocolate timeeeee

                                  My outfit~*SM*Senica Easter Dress 
                                 Comes with~Dress,Sandals,colour hud
                                Fits~Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid,Toddleedoo Fitted
                               Find it~ Diva's List March 15th-March 31st

                              My pose~p.o.s.e. happy easter Bento (fits 2 kids)

More Snacks

                    need...more...snacks....running...low...on...oh look a lollypop! :D

                                   My outfit~*SM*Kasyn Bratpack 
                                  Comes with~Sweat pants,Tank top,Tshirt,3 colour huds
                                  Fits~Toddleedoo Fitted,Bad Seed Bebe Fitted

                                My lollypop~hangry - Star Lollipops - VIP Gift 
                               Comes with~10 colours

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Big bro

My big bro was stuck babysitting me..he doesn't seem very happy about it -giggles-

                                   My outfit~*SM*Jacey Set
                                  Comes with~crop top,skirt,sandals,colour change hud
                                  Fits~Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid,Bad seed Bebe

                               My pose~p.o.s.e.  dont fall down
                              Comes  with~two pose balls,chair
                              Find it~ Ivywood


                     I sneak into the kitchen and found the candy! shh don't tell mama -giggles-

                                           My sweater~[T&S] KACEE JUMPER-pink
                                          Fits~Toddleedoo baby fitted
                                         Comes in~21 colours
                                        Find it~ Color me cute

                                       My pants~~Lazo - Floral Leggings 
                                      Fits~Toddleedoo (appliers)

                                     My pose~Kokoro Poses - Yandra  
                                     Comes with~2 lollypops,colour hud,6 poses+bonus pose


Garden time

                 I played in my garden today and found some pretty flowers :D

                              My dress~*Cherry Tot* Bunnie Skirt Overall-Purple
                             Fits~Toddleedoo Fitted,Bad seed Bebe Fitted
                            Available in~Hot pink,Pink,Sky,Yellow,Purple
                            Find it~ Color me cute March 15th-April 1st

                          My shoes~*Cherry Tot* Baby Bunnie Shoes
                         Fits~Toddleedoo Fitted,Bad Seed Bebe Fitted
                        Available in~ Black,Hot pink,Pink,Purple,Red,Sky,White,Yellow
                       Find it~Color me cute March 15th-April 1st

                       My garden~*SM*Garden Play House 
                       Find it~ Thimble March 20th

                       My pose~p.o.s.e. spring

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


We went to a farm today and saw all the animals! I might of gotten a bit dirty -giggles-

                               My outfit~*SM*Little Farmer Shorts Set 
                               Comes with~Shirt(layer applier)over alls,texture hud for overalls,shoes,hat
                               Fits~Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid,Bad Seed Bebe

                              Find it~Cove opens March17th

                            My mouth wheat~Straw / wheat for mouth

                          My farm~*SM*Little Farm Playhouse 
                         Find it~Cove opens March17th

                        My dirt~Izzie's - Face & Body Dirt 
                       Works with~ Omega,Maiterya,Slink,Bellza,logo,catwa,system body



Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Art time

This morning I went down to the pier to draw in my new art book,it finally feels like spring :D

                                              My dress~*SM*Adrina Set 
                                             Comes with~Dress,Shoes HUD to change texture(4 textures)
                                            Fits~Toddleedoo fitted,Bad Seed Bebe fitted
                                           Find it~ Thimble March 20th

                                         My hair bow~{T.T} Pearls with pink diamond bow headband

                                        My braclets~! {sps} Tee _pink
                                       Comes with~Hairbow,Braclets,tshirt
                                       Fits~Toddleedoo Fitted,Bad Seed Fitted
                                       My book~Kokoro Poses Izabella  
                                      Comes with~6 poses,notebook,pencil,texture hud for book and pencil

Monday, March 11, 2019

Tea time

                                           Today is a tea party and I'm all ready! :D

                                   My dress~*Cherry Tot* Gold Party Dress 
                                  Comes with~Dress,Hairbow,shoes
                                  Fits~Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo fitted,Bad Seed Bebe body

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Cartoon time

                           Some times the best way to watch cartoons is upside down! 

                                      My outfit~Ohana Inc Halston Lilac 
                                     Comes with~Dress,Sweater
                                     Fits~Toddleedoo fitted,Bad Seed Bebe fitted
                                    Available in~9 colours
                                   Find it~  color me cute March 15th

                               My chair~[Toasty] Kids Recliners
                              What it does~14 poses made for toddleedoos and bebes 
                              Comes with~7 different colours in one pack

                              My pink/purple toy~So Silly Kawaii Aqurium 
                              Find it~Main store for teen shop hop

                            My ship~So Silly  Interactive Girl Power Pirate Ship
                           Gacha has~7 commons,1 uncommon,1 rare,1 ultra rare,1 pull prize
                           Find it~Thimble event March 20th 

Hello Butterfly

Today it started raining so I decided to go play in it when I found this cute ltitle butterfly!                            My outf...