Monday, April 30, 2018

Time to garden!

This outfit is really cool and is at the Twinkle twinkle little star event. It was made by Happy Little Pixels

My Body~Toddleedoo Baby
My Head~Toddleedoo Bento Moon
My Hair~YumYum 57

My outfit~.HLP. Garden Gatach- Kiddo Overall (Green) (Uncommon)
50Ls a play 3 uncommon colours and 1 rare colour. Can also get matching mommy overalls,can also get everything you need to have a cool garden! 

Fits~Toddleedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid,Bebe

My Shoes~"Polka Dot Dancers" Clogs
Fits~Toddleedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid-> also comes with a resize script

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Best Friends

Sometimes all you need in life is your best friend. These outfits are perfect..especially for my bestie because she lives for food! haha! You can get them both at Little Pickle

My Body-Toddleedoo Baby
My Head-Toddleedoo Bento Moon
My Hair-YumYum #57

My Outfit-Little Pickle - Casual Collection - Friends-Milk
Comes With-Shirt and Shorts (attached)
Fits-Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid,Bebe
My Shoes-Little Pickle - Suave Sneaks - Kitty

Her Body-Toddleedoo Baby
Her Head-Toddleedoo Bento Alice
Her Hair-YumYum 61E

Her Outfit-Little Pickle - Casual Collection - Friends -Cookie
Comes With-Shirt and shorts (attached)
Fits-Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid,Bebe
Her Shoes-Little Pickle - Suave Sneaks - Panda

Little Prince

I'm a royal pain in the butt! -grins- so this prince outfit is perfect! you can get it from Numb3rs

My Body~Toddleedoo Baby
My Head~Toddleedoo Bento Moon
My Hair~YumYum 57

My Outfit~Lil Prince
Comes With~HUD with the layerd pants and jacket (1 for black pants and one for red pants), cuffs for both pants, jacket prim part (1 with black belt, 1 with red belt) HUD texture change for the Sash, Sash. Medal, epaulettes, crown, shoes. 
Fits~Toddleedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid

Cinco de mayo

Cinco de mayo is coming up which makes me think about the day of the dead which makes me think of sugar skills so here you! -laughs because the only thing they have in common is Mexico- This comes from Little Pickle

My Body~Toddleedoo Kid
My Hair~YumYum #57
My Head~Toddleedoo Bento Moon

My Shirt~Little Pickle - Tank - Sugar Skull
Light and Dark sold separately
Fits~Toddleedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid
My Shorts~Little Pickle - Sporty Shorts - Blue
Fits~Toddeedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid
My Shoes~Little Pickle - Stompers - Dinosaur
Fits~ Everyone! They have resizers in them! :D

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Boy-A noise with dirt on it!

Hi everyone! I LOVE getting dirty..then running away from mommy when she tries to bathe me -laughs- My favourite thing to wear when I play in the mud is this boy outfit from Numb3ers

My Body~Toddleedoo Baby
My Head~Toddleedoo Bento Moon
My Hair~YumYum #57

My Outfit~NRs!-Toddleedoo-(B-K)-Lil Dirt Brat
Fits~Toddleedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid
Comes with~Shirt,Cargo shorts,shoes,hat,mouth worm,shouder worm,dirty face (tattoo layer for face) dirt hud for body

My glasses~Jester Inc Nope glasses
Resizable and mod so you can make it whatever colour you want!

50L event

Looking for cool clothing buy low on cash? Golden Unicorn is the place for you!

Currently having a store wide 50L sale right now!! Ending this Sunday!

My Body~Toddleedoo Kid
My Head~Toddleedoo Bento Moon
My Hair~YumYum 57

My Outfit~Golden Unicorn ~ Summer Camo
Comes With~Overalls and attached shirt
Fits~Toddleedoo baby,Todddleedoo kid,Bebe

Don't miss out in this awesome event!

Rocket ship!

Lets go on an adventure to space! This onsie will be prefect for the job! and you can get it at Golden Unicorn

My Body~Toddleedoo Baby
My Head~Toddleedoo Bento Moon
My Hair~YumYum #57

My Outfit~Golden Unicorn - Rocket Kid
Fits~Toddleedoo baby toddleedo kid

Friday, April 27, 2018


Hey guys! I just got sponsored by a cool store called Golden Unicorn. You can find them in world here or on the MP here

My Hair~YumYum #57

Comes with~Jeans,Sweater Wrap,Top
Fits~Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid,Bebe

Monday, April 23, 2018


My most favourite thing in the entire world are dinosaurs! :D So I was so happy when I found this! 

My Body-Toddleedoo Kid
My Head-Toddleedoo Moon Bento
My Hair-YumYum 57

My Outfit-{WF} Halloween Kigurumi {K} - Dino (Gacha) comes in bebe,tdb and tdk
My Shoes-Little Pickle - Suave Sneaks - Dragon SPECIAL this is the prize you get for playing the gacha 15 times.
My Dinosaur-[Jester Inc.] Green Cardboard Dinosaur!
The Dino was a collab with  Kyootie Toots
It plays a real child voice that says "Rwar I'm a dinosaur! rwar rwar rwar!" when you walk!

We all float down here...

Since it's spring and all it seems to do is rain I thought I'd blog a rain jacket..but I also love horror so of course I'm going to do the Gorgie rain jacket from IT!

My Body-Toddleedoo Kid
My Head-Toddleedoo Moon Bento
My Hair-YumYum 57

My Outfit-:HLP:. You'll Float too
Comes with-Jacket,Jeans(applier),rainboots,floating balloon
Fits-Toddleedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid

Sunday, April 22, 2018

arr Imma pirate matey!

Today I walked around pretending to be a pirate with this cool outfit from Little Pickle and this cool bouncy toy from Happy Little Pixel

Click here to see the bouncy toy in action!

My Body-Toddleedoo Baby
My Hair-YumYum#57
My Head-Toddleedoo Bento Moon

My Outfit-Little Pickle-Casual Collection-Pirate
My Shoes-Little Pickle-Stompers-Narwhal
My Toy-HLP.PowPow comes in Chocolate,Strawbery and Vanilla and also a phatpack! each flavour comes with four colours and a cool splashing sound when you bounce!

Saturday, April 21, 2018


Here's another outfit to add to your collection! 

My hair-YumYum#57

My outfit-Holmes
Comes with-Shirt and Pants
Fits-TDB TDK Bebe

Friday, April 20, 2018


I love Sheldon and his catch phrase Bazinga! I was so happy when Little Pickle asked me to blog this outfit! :D

My Body-Toddleedoo Baby
My Head-Toddleedoo Bento Moon
My Hair-YumYum #57

My outfit-
My shirt-tank-Bazinga
My shorts-Sporty Shorts-Blue
My shoes-Stompers-narwhal

All from Little Pickle

Happy Birthday!

Saturday April 21st is an amazing person's birthday! Miss Tati..or as I call her aunty Tat tat. 
She's so amazing,she's more then just a dance teacher,she's a friend and family to everyone she meets. You could know her for 5 mins or know her for 5 years,she'll treat you the with the same amount of love and respect.She's so generous and loving. She's shaped my heart so much.I hope you have the most happiest birthday a person can have! I love you! 

Here's a collection of pictures of just a few people that love you as well! We all wish you the happiest birthday ever!

And all the rest of us at Little Toes Dance Academy!
Here's a song for you! :D

Hello Butterfly

Today it started raining so I decided to go play in it when I found this cute ltitle butterfly!                            My outf...