Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Retro 4

The last things in the box are these really cool retro picture frames!

They're from Little Pickles 

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Little Pickles GameBoy
Little Pickles Ghosting
Little Pickles Link

Little Pickles Sonic
Little Pickles Ryu
Little Pickles Mario 

Little Pickles Wanna play

Pineapples everywhere!!

I love pineapples! So I was so happy when I found this outfit created by Doodlez 

My Body~Toddleedoo Fitted Baby
My Head~Toddleedoo Bento Moon
My Hair~YumYum 57

My Outfit~Doodlez Pineapple Summer~Boys:
Comes With~Shorts and shirt attached,Visor,Watch,Flip flops
Fits~Toddleedoo fitted,and Bebe body

Location~Doodlez in world  Doodlez on MP

Hanging with the girls

Nothing beats good friends,relaxing water,and cold drinks! This cool floaty from It's All About The Fun is so cool

Drink floaty-> Kids Floating Drinks Station
{Sits three people and the cups give out drinks!}

Location-> It's All About The Fun

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Movie Night

Tonight we get to watch movies and I'm in charge of snacks! So I headed over to SaNaRa and looked for Junk Food Store and got all this foodddd

 Bodega snacks!


Plantain Chips (rez)
Bodega Chips (rez)
Slo Balls Snack (rez)
Fruit Pies (Rez)
Olden Bear Lemonade (Wear/Rez)
Slabst Blue Slibbon Beer (Wear/Rez)


Pizza Slice
Bodega Chips (held)
Little Chugs Fruit Barrel drinks (click to get your choice of 4 flavors to drink)

Location~ SaNaRaE
Created by..with original mesh ~Junk Food Store

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Beach time

The best part of warm weather is chilling in the water. I love the water mommy says I'm part fish ehehehe. 

This door floaty is silly and oddly comfy! It's from It's All About The Fun

Door Floaty~Door Pool Floaty Set
Drinks Floaty~Kids Floating Drinks Station V3 (Sits 3)
{more about this product in tomorrow's blog}
Turtle Floatly~{ACD} Summer Time Fun Ring Set PG
Shark Floaty~<Heart Homes>"Shark Island" Floater

My Swim trunks~~Lazo - Swim Trunks - 2
Comes with~trunks and hud to change texture...5 textures pre pack
Fits~Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid,Bebe


After spending the day at Spring Formal it was time to chilax and play some video games. This outfit from Unicorn Kandi is so cool and comes with a hud to change the texture of your shirt and pants

Body~Toddleedoo Baby
Head~Toddleedoo Bento Moon
Hair~Yum Yum 57

Outfit~*Unicorn Kandi* Ronni Boys Dark Blue
Comes with~Shirt.Pants,Sweater wrap,Texture change hud for shirt and sweater wrap.
It fits~Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid,Bebe body

Saturday, May 26, 2018


It's that time of year again for formals and porms and other things that force you to dress up and wash your face.

Body~Toddleedoo Baby
Head~Toddleedoo Bento Moon
Hair~Yum Yum 57

Outfit~{Lil Big Me} Velvet Holiday Tux
Comes with~tux,shoes,top hat
Fits~-Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Should I?

It's night time and mommy's asleep but I wanna go play..Should I stay or should I go? hmmm

Body~Toddleedoo Baby
Head~Toddleedoo Bento Moon
Hair~YumYum 57

Outfit~Happy Little Pixels-Should I
Comes with~layered shirt,pants{attached}
Fits~Toddleedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Finally it's warm weather!

Hi guys! I'm Kaylee and I'll be bringing you girl clothing! :D

I'm so happy it's finally warm weather I hate the coldddd! This outfit from Dorks is so cute and comfy. It'll be at Thimble starting May 20th to June 10th

My Body~Toddleedoo Baby
My Head~Toddleedoo Bento Earth
My Hair~Yum Yum 57

My Outfit~**DoRks** Havana

Available in;Sky,Lemon,Lime,Cotton Candy,Lilac,Sherbert,Fatpack bonus colours->Rainbow,Marshmellow

Fits Toddleedoo Baby{Fitted} Bebe Body {Fitted}

Monday, May 21, 2018

Date Night

My big brother is going on a date tonight,so I did his makeup! He didn't like it,but I'm sure his girl friend would have loved seeing him as a dino-clown! 

Little Pickle - Silly Stalls - Beauty Shop - SPECIAL
Special prize for playing the gacha 15 times!
Comes with wearable blush brush prop,wearable hand mirror prop,wearable lipstick prop,wearable nail brush prop. Stool for child with 4 animations to "apply" makeup to victim..I mean willing person,and adult stool with 4 animations to get your make up/nails done

available at Dandelions Unite created by Little Pickle

Monkey face!

This canvas art is so funny I keep laughing at it everytime I go into my room 

Canvas art~Unicorn Treasures-In A Zoo Haha Canvas Art
Sonic picture~Little Pickle - Retro Gamer Frame - Sonic
<:*BoOgErS*:> Toy Storage for Collab88
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bunoro-gacha common

Pre snacking

                        It's almost my rez day,so I'm pre snacking to get ready for it!                                    ...