Sunday, May 27, 2018

Beach time

The best part of warm weather is chilling in the water. I love the water mommy says I'm part fish ehehehe. 

This door floaty is silly and oddly comfy! It's from It's All About The Fun

Door Floaty~Door Pool Floaty Set
Drinks Floaty~Kids Floating Drinks Station V3 (Sits 3)
{more about this product in tomorrow's blog}
Turtle Floatly~{ACD} Summer Time Fun Ring Set PG
Shark Floaty~<Heart Homes>"Shark Island" Floater

My Swim trunks~~Lazo - Swim Trunks - 2
Comes with~trunks and hud to change texture...5 textures pre pack
Fits~Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid,Bebe

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