Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mud Party!

Honestly,what's better than playing in the mud? I mean,adults do it all the time,except they call it a spa day..whatever that means! This outfit and mud playground is prefect for any kid and their both from Numb3rs

Click here to see the cool rain effect in action!

My outfit~Nrs! Mud Brats
Comes with~Romper,Mud hud for face,Mud hud for body,texture change hud for romper. (Romper can be clean or dirty)
Fits~Toddleedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid

The Playground~Playground fun in the mud
Comes with~The mud base(5 animations) Tire swing (2 animations) Slide(1 animation) and a rezz box to make life easy!

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