Sunday, September 30, 2018

Last day of the Carnival!

                Today is the last day of the carnival and I'm so sad cuz I been having so much fun!

10-11-Build-a-pumpkin Location
{prizes for kids and adults}
11-12-Haunted bus ride  Location
12-1-Giant whack a mole Location
{prizes for kids and adults}
1-2-Shooting contest Location
{prizes for kids and adults}
2-3-Bull riding contest Location
{10Ls to join 500Ls goes to 1st place}
3-4-Pizzaeria game Location
{prizes at the end of the game}
4-5 -1/4 mile car speed raceLocation
{Prizes for kids and adults}
5-6-Enjoy the carnival! Location
6-7-Sunday Prize Ceremony, Pumpkin Judging & Closing Ceremony Location

I hope I see you all there for the last day of fun!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Feeling Haloween

                           I feel so halloweeny lately,I just love dressing like a creepy clown!

                                   My Skin~[L.B] Spooky Skin
                                   Works with~Toddleedoo and Bad seeds Bebe
                                   Can be fround~IvyWoods Event
                                   Between~October 5th-October 15th

                                  My Bear~Gothaby - Frank Bear
                                 Comes with~Hanging bear for left or right,a holding bear and one to rezz
                                 Can be found~IvyWoods Event
                                 Between~October 5th-October 15th

                                   My Outfit~[Vk!] Girls Circus Clown-Pink 
                                  Comes with~Make up hud-omega included-(not shown),ball to stand on-with                                    AO-,Hat,gloves,outfit,shoes,and nose
                                 Fits~Toddleedoo baby,Bad Seeds Bebe Body
                               Can be foundhere

Fall Carnival day 2

                              Wow day one was SO much fun! I can't wait for day two! Here's the line up :D

                                                             ~Saturday Sept 29~

Poker Run~Starts at SASMC Club House and randomly placed around the ground level of the sim, up the track and around themed levels Poker run location

{Prizes for 1st,2nd,and 3rd place child and 1st 2nd 3rd place adult}

Burn out contest  Location
{Prizes for 1st,2nd,and 3rd place child and 1st 2nd 3rd place adult}

Mario kart race Location
{Prizes for 1st,2nd,and 3rd place child and 1st 2nd 3rd place adult}

Fall Harvest dance Location

3-4pm~ 1/4 mile bike race Location
{Prizes for 1st,2nd,and 3rd place child and 1st 2nd 3rd place adult}

Maddison's carriage ride Location

 Detonation game Location
{prize giver inside the game}

Poker Run Results & Saturday Prize Ceremony Location

Plus there's daily raffles and a weekend raffle and a raffle for a golden ticket for the PlayDate Cruise! Location

So much to do! check back tomorrow for the closing day's line up! I hope to see you all there :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


                   I don't think growing up would be so scary if my clothes grew with me! -giggles-

Picture 1~

Picture 2~

                                                           My outfit~[B.B] Sally
                                    Fits~Toddleedoo baby(picture one) Toddleedoo Kid,Tweenster(picture 2)
                                                        Comes with~Dress,Scarf,Boots

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


                                                  I fell asleep at the playground!

                                     My outfit~.:: Sweet Cakes ::. Ally Romper 
                                    Comes with~Romper,boots
                                    Fits-Toddleedoo Baby

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Trick or treat

                            Trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat!

                                My Outfit~.:: Sweet Cakes ::. Red Outfit 
                               Comes with~Shirt and rights(attached)
                               Fits~Toddleedoo Baby
                                My Animation~TRU-Trick or treat
                               available at Care-A-Lots spookynhallow 

Friday, September 21, 2018

Teacher's desk

              The teacher said take a seat anywhere,so we sat on her desk!



                                             Outfit~[B.B]Lost Girl
                                            Comes with~Hoodie,Pants
                                           Fits~Toddleedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid,Bebe
                                           Can be found at The Cove


                                             Outfit~Unicorn Kandi-Tyrann
                                            Comes with~Hoodie,Pants
                                           Fits~ Toddleedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid,Bebe
                                           Can be found at Thimble

                                            The animation~p.o.s.e. girls

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Rilind Station Fall Carnival

    I'm so excited for the carnival I have it circled and underlined in my calendar!!

Rilind Station is a Family RP Sim and the home of SASMC & RRRMC and Rilind Station School.

 We have a fun weekend with a schedule packed full of activities for our Rilind Station Fall Carnival "Fun"d Raiser September 28th-30th! We hope to see you there!

            50/50 Drawings:
            Daily Drawing starts fresh every morning and ends at 6pm - 100L A Ticket
            Daily Drawing every evening at 6pm
            High Roller Drawing that starts Friday and Ends Sunday at 6pm - 500L A Ticket

            Drawing for High Roller on Sept 30th at 6pm

Friday Sept 28
10am through Halloween! Sim Wide Pumpkin Hunt

11am-12pm- "In My Closet" Inventory Game 
12pm-1pm-Chicken cart Race
1pm-2pm-Dunk Tank
2pm-3pm-Funky Monkey Game
3pm-4pm-Maddison's Carriage Ride
4pm-5pm-Demolition Derby
5pm-6pm-Hamster Ball Race
6pm-7pm-Friday Prize Ceremony

Oh my gosh I'm so excited! There's something for everyone big and small!  Check back on the 28th to see what's happening the next day! I Hope I see you there!

playing army

                                               Today I'm playing army guys with my friends,it's a lot of fun!

                                      ~What I'm wearing~

                                   My shirt~Unicorn Kandi-Freedom-Hoodie
                                    {Freedom comes with the hoodie and a pair of pants.
                                     Freedom fits Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo Kid,and Bebe body}

                                  My Pants~Unicorn Kandi-Green camo
                                  {Green camo comes with the pants and a hoodie.
                                   Green camo fits Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo Kid,and Bebe body}

                                   These two outfits will be hitting shelfs tomorrow (the 20th) at Thimble
                                  My Shoes~. tiptoes - Velcro Sneakers - Black
                                                        they only fit toddleedoo baby

Monday, September 17, 2018

Fairy dust

                                                    All you need is some fairy dust and these two outfits are prefect

Outfit 1~
 Outfit 2~

                    Outfit 1~{D:D} Fairy Enchanted. 
                    Comes with~Dress,Shoes,Wings,Fairy Wand,Headband
                    Fits~Toddleedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid
                    Find it at The Cove

                  Outfit 2~{D:D} Lais Fairy. 
                  Comes with~Dress,Shoes,Fairy Wand,Wings
                  Fits~Toddleedoo Baby,Toddleedoo Kid
                  Find it at The Cove

                  My Pose~p.o.s.e. ballerina

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Candy shop

                                                             I went to the candy shop for breakfast!

                                My Outfit~[B.B]Poodle 
                                  Comes with dress and shirt attached}
                                  Coming soon to Thimble
                               My Pose~p.o.s.e. yummy

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


                                      I love watermelon,summer,autumn,winter,or spring I love it!

                                           My outfit~{D:D} Retro Style-rose
                                          {Comes with~Shirt and pants attached
                                            Fits~Toddleedoo baby,Toddleedoo kid}

                                          My shoes~. tiptoes - Velcro Sneakers - Black 
                                                        {fits~toddleedoo baby}

                                           My pose~p.o.s.e.fruits

Monday, September 10, 2018


                                    I'm a princess..even if I stand on my thorne 

                                              My outfit~B.B Jazzy
                                             {fits bad seeds bebe body
                                               Availble at Hello Beautiful}

                                             My Thorne~P.O.S.E. My pink chair

Hello Butterfly

Today it started raining so I decided to go play in it when I found this cute ltitle butterfly!                            My outf...