Sunday, March 3, 2019

My pets

Today I took my pets out for a walk,they had lots of fun in the outdoors :D

                               My outfit~*Cherry Tot* Bunny Jumper-pink
                              Comes with~Overalls shirt(attached) shoes
                              Fits~Toddleedoo Fitted,Bebe Fitted
                              Find it~Roselline Event

                           Pose~p.o.s.e. little hamster
                          Comes with~Pose,Pose ball,3 hamsters(hand,shoulder,head

                          Sofa~<Heart Homes> Roleplay Table Set for Friends-PG
                          What it does~Comes in 4 pieces,each peice changes colour and has 
                                               ~18 solo animations,5 RP animations,11 cuddle animations
                                               ~Table can be a firepit,have a RP game on it,or just be a table
                                                ~Each piece is detacchable 
                          Find it~Sense Event

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